"The Caller"


90 Minute Feature  $25,000.00  (OPTION)



Two car crashes five years apart destroy one family and threaten to repeat the same tragedy to a second family.



Patricia Bradford's ordinary life is shaken when her husband, Neil is injured in a car accident, caused by a cut brake line. In between daily visits to Neil, Patricia is harassed by an unknown caller, whom the police cannot catch. A consoling friend is murdered after leaving the family home, and she herself is almost run off the road by a dark SUV.      

Eventually, the detective hired by Neil's law partner links a released mental patient to a victim of a fatal car accident five years prior (and seen in flashback near the beginning of the film). But before they can arrest him, the killer manages to kidnap two museum workers where Patricia volunteers. She arrives and confronts the killer, who after many plastic surgeries is unrecognizable as his former self. Just as he sets the place on fire with his two bond prisoners in the basement, Patricia wrestles the gun away from him and shoots him. The museum implodes as the police arrive, and she learns Neil will recover.    


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